Zero Waste Festival Ireland 2017

From the Zero Waste Festival Ireland‎:

Have you always wondered how to ferment? From sourdough to kefir to vegetable fermentation, Neil Barrett from Fermentation Ireland can tell you all about it. Join him in the Dublin Food Co-op, Newmarket on Friday the 8th of September at 6pm and Saturday 9th of September in Inchicore CIE Hall at 4pm.

Neil’s primary business is Hot in The Kitchen, a catering company that also teaches cookery classes, cookery demonstrations and workshops. Recently with the growing public interest in fermentation, he was asked to put up some of the knowledge he had gleaned from classes, instructors, chefs, little old Ladies, the Internet, books et cetera. And so fermentation Ireland was born. He has been selling various types of fermentation cultures online from sourdoughs (where his real interest was born) to scobies and the like. He has been fermenting for many years and his sourdough is nearly 20yrs old. He ferments almost anything – milk kefir was his first scoby which then turned into water kefir, kombucha, jun (his favourite) made with honey and green tea. Vegetable fermentations such as hot sauces, pickles, sauerkrauts, kimchi, garlic scapes, beetroot kvas and so on.
He detests waste, ‘there is no such thing in nature, it just doesn’t exist’. He strives, wherever possible to be natural. We are not there yet…