Irish Stew versus Thai Curry

It is amazing how quickly you can lose sight of what’s already good, in the race for sophistication. Irish Stew, our national dish, is one of the mightiest victims to fall prey to this here. There are 22 ingredients in Thai Green curry, you can half this by buying curry paste, while saving money (it’s much cheaper than making it) and making it far less likely to fail. In a dish with so many ingredients if you forget something it’s less likely to spoil the dish. This is one of the main reasons this dish and all the dishes like it have become so popular. It’s easier to find this schlock than authentic Irish fare.

Irish stew on the other hand, is known to us all and at its most basic has only 4 ingredients. Cook this dish and you will be judged against a possibly generations old recipe prepared by the loving hands of a Mother. Now which one would you rather cook. You see it’s all about the Benchmark and the benchmark for Thai Green, Red, Yellow or whatever curry might just be the local takeaway, I’ll compete against that any day. I don’t want to imply that Irish Stew is difficult, what I am saying is, nothing will expose a cook like simplicity. The benchmark for Irish Stew is an indefeatable opponent. After all to say that your Mother is a terrible cook is the start of a scandalous joke.